Sunday, August 17, 2014

Summer, Stick A Fork In It

June2014 JUNE

July2014 JULY

August2014 AUGUST

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Summer Wrap Up Video Questions:
1. What was the most educational thing you did this summer?
2. What was the worst thing about summer vacation?
3. What was the very best thing about summer vacation?
4. What was the best thing you ate?
5. What was the worst thing you ate?
6. What was your favorite activity/project?
7. What was your favorite trip?
8. What did you do that was unexpected?
9. Is there anything you didn't get a chance to do that you wish you had?
10. Are you ready to go back to school?
11. What is the most exciting thing about starting middle school?

**Full Disclosure: We filmed this on the night before school started. It took at least six takes due to Riley's video bombing , the dog, technical issues, etc. So, I apologize before you view it for my sharp tone mid way through I was completely exhausted. Otherwise, enjoy our summer memories!

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  1. Cuzz Katie, We love you because you're creative, stimulating, driven, one of if not the proudest Mother in Miss Roo's and Isaac's schools. You and Mike have given those youngins an eternal drive sustained on their very own self esteem. In all my 29 years, Hubs and I have never witnessed such love and driving force built from the inner souls and beliefs you and Mike have given them. Well done -Elizabeth