Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy Blog-A-Versary!

Yesterday was the two year anniversary of the Hedgehog Blog! Unbelievable how much has happened in two years. To celebrate I thought maybe I'd list the blog's greatest hits (according to number of views):

  1. Unwanted Children, Undeserving Parents: 336 views since 2/19/2011
  2. Riley's Mommy Walks Funny: 292 views since 4/21/2011
  3. Cottonball Christmas Countdown: 222 views since 12/2/2011
  4. Conversing With Cute: 160 views since 11/20/2011
  5. We Don't Live in Parking Lots: 105 views since 4/26/2011

So, there you have my top five in the last 2yrs of posts. A little social commentary, some silly kid stuff, disabled mom perspective and crafts. It seems like a pretty good snap shot of what I get up to blog side to me. Full disclosure though, there were two with more views than number 5, but one was a contest entry and the other was pictures of Riley's new room so I skipped them.

This blog has given me a place to write, an excuse for time to myself and connected we with lots of other wonderful people who I am so lucky to have read my little old blog. Thank you, thank you. If you keep reading it, I keep writing. Here's to another two years!

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