Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Eve of Surgery

I'm so tired today. Part of it is the time change, but mostly I'm a ball of nerves over the surgery. I slept pretty well, but I was up super early. We took the kids to a playground and then we all went to lunch. It was nice. I'm going to miss the kids so much. To avoid my emotions and for practical reasons we came home and cleaned. I got all the dishes done and toys picked up. Mike took down and stored all the Halloween odds and ends.

I blogged for a few minutes before Riley was up from her nap. I was so grateful for the distraction when she woke up. I painted her toe nails pink as per her request. After that Mike took the kids for a bike ride and I packed Riley's bag. She'll be staying overnight with Boo on Monday and coming home after their dance class Tuesday. I needed to do it so that I felt like she was ready. I also really didn't want her to be ready because that would mean it was really happening. The extra hour is miserable I keep thinking it's so much later than it is!

I put like items in gallon ziplocs:

  • Pajamas: Bug Night Gown, Piggy PJs and Castle PJs (She'll be wearing one pair over Monday morning and I wanted her to be able to choose that night.)
  • Outfits: I packed 3 pants/shirt combinations, a dress and one pair of spare shorts. I listed what went with what on the outside of the bag. Just for variety sake. Miss Roo can be particular about her clothes.
  • Undies: 4pairs in a sandwich size bag
  • Socks: 4pairs, 2 solid color non-slips and 2 patterned pars
  • Shoes: 2pairs, sneakers and slip-ons
  • Hair clips: I put them in a snack baggie. I also packed her brush and de-tangler spray.
  • Toothbrush and Toothpaste: I'll also pack them in a snack baggie after she brushes her teeth tonight. I left the labeled baggie out where I could see it with a post it reminding me to also grab piggy pillow and Yogi (the bear her Grandpa gave her that she sleeps with).
  • Wearing there: She'll wear her jammies, kitty flip flops and her hooded sweatshirt over in the morning.
I'm so sad about not seeing her for two days, but so proud of my highly organized overnight bag.

The first time I had surgery I asked people to bring Riley everyday. She was 8mos and still breastfeeding when they shoved the rod in my spine. Isaac came twice, but it was too scary for him. His reaction made me feel guilty. The next time when they pulled the pins out of my hip Riley was 14mo old and weaned. She hung out with Boo a lot, but not overnight. I asked Mike not to bring Isaac at all that time.

This time Riley is 2yrs 2mo old and very independent. I've asked that niether of the kids come to the hospital until I'm discharged. I hope I'm up to phone calls the first night. I'm planning on being in and out a day or two. Fingers crossed.

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  1. Know that I am sending love, energy and peaceful calm for the time you are gone. May the kids be ok with your absence and the Universal Healing Power guide the hands of the medical pros who will be working with you.