Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Decline

Muffin. Muffin. Muffin. I'm not sure how long muffin's reign as the toy she could not function without lasted probably somewhere between 6weeks and 2months. She carried that thing everywhere especially if she was somewhere without Mommy and slept with it every night and nap. It was a huge deal every time muffin went missing.

It seems this week has marked the decline of muffin. I can't tell you how much this thrills me. Not because I'll no longer be frantically searching for the silly thing, though I won't miss that a bit, but because she's feels secure without her security object. Hurray! I'm doing something right. "Muffin? Muffin? We don't need no stinking muffin."

Kids are good at showing us the transitory nature of existence. Which I at least seem to have forgotten. They grow and change so quickly. They only live in the moment. One moment muffin is something we'd take from the house if it were ablaze and the next it's just another item in the plastic food tub. I need to keep reminding myself that things always change. I got really bogged down after the back surgery because I couldn't see ever healing from it. I didn't know who I was and I didn't want to feel that way indefinitely.

Things change and mostly for the better lately. I have muffin tucked in my purse just in case but it's been days since Riley has looked for it. Goodbye muffin phase! You've been relegated to "funny story in the baby book" status.

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