Monday, September 5, 2011

Impromptu Pool Party

With everyone off and my sister in town (after a long hard week), I was thinking laid back day. We did the do nothing thing and played with the kids for a bit. It was just so darn hot! I decided with the kids out-numbered 2 to 1 it was a good day for swimming. We loaded up and headed off to the toy store for a pool.

We got a "family size" blow up pool for 50% and because it's her birthday week and it was on clearance Riley got a toy grill. "Like Daddy's!" It has lights and sound. I've got a soft spot for toys. It'll be the death of me buried under the mountains of toys. I digress we went home and Mike set his air compressor to work inflating the pool.

A few texts later my cousin and her kids were helping us enjoy the pool. Moments after that everyone had a frozen drink. An hour later Mike had fired up the grill. Kids had hot dogs grown ups had enormous steaks. It was nice. Impromptu parties are much less stressful (but equal clean up).

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