Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mommy vs Katie

For some reason typing the title I heard it in my head like an announcer introducing fighters at a cage match. It's been an internal struggle for a while. I'll never be only me again. I will also be a mom forever more. Now I hear raven calls! Bear with me, I have a point. The battle is usually a silent background one (sleep 5 more minutes or get up and make pancakes for the kids, etc). It isn't even a battle most of the time just an ebb and flow that sometimes gets stuck in one direction too long.

It came into pretty sharp focus when there was a concert fast approaching that I wanted to attend. Imagine that! A concert, like when I was single. Oh, I was excited. I was mulling over ticket options for said concert when an email arrived, apparently I get alumni discount on Disney on Ice. It was of course the same weekend and in the same price range. Shoot. Now, I had to choose my first concert with adults in 5ish years or taking the kids to Disney on Ice for their first time?

It's fortunate for me they had the cheapest tickets and wheelchair seating left for the concert because that is what tipped the scales. "It's been their turn a long time" I told myself "it's my turn now". Mike was thrilled a)Not to have to attend Disney On Ice b)Not to have to go anywhere and all to happy to watch the kids while I did.

I still feel a little guilty buying even reasonably priced tickets for great seats, but I need a night out. I'm super excited to see this person live and I'm glad I'm giving another mom a night out too.


  1. I don't like this. I LOVE it!

  2. You're 100% IS your turn. See ya there! Cindi

  3. You Go girl! Mom