Tuesday, August 23, 2011

August Absence

From Tue the 16th to Fri the 19th I was in bed with what turned out to be a kidney infection. Nasty, nasty thing. I hope it was my first and last. Poor Riley was having terrible nightmares and demanding to see me since I hadn't been out of my bed. It was a haze of fighting to stay awake long enough to give Mike a few kid related reminders, weeping while I shuffled across the hall to the bathroom and drinking cranberry juice or water like they were going out of style.

Here's the lesson, Moms, when you and the baby are sick by all means take care of your baby first, but you have to take care of yourself too. I ignored my symptoms. I took Riley to the doctor and got her medicine when she showed the beginning signs of an ear infection. When I felt like I had a bladder infection I drank cranberry juice and told myself it was getting better. I let it get into my kidney.

I was driving the kids home in the rain on Tuesday thinking I didn't feel well and then the fever hit me at home on the couch. I was done. All that time recovering from the cold that started all this and now I was a vegetable between pain, fever and fatigue. Bad times.

I'm halfway through my antibiotics as of today. Woohoo! Hopefully, feeling 100% human will come in time. Take care of yourselves, please.

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  1. Im waiting for my health insurance to kick in, because i get UTI's alot. i normally take cranberry juice and it goes away, but, im sure i keep getting it bc i dont go to the dr.

    Hope you feel better!