Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bare Naked Babies (Butts)

So we have a little seat that fits over the toilet so that Riley can use it. She picked it out herself. It has Sesame Street characters on it. She sits on it before every bath and makes the sound effects of peeing even if she hasn't actually done it yet.

That's all well and good, but toddlers and bathrooms are a dangerous combination. Unless you want your tile covered with unspooled toilet paper, the rubber ducky flushed down the toilet and your little one staggering around drunk on mouthwash. They're a bit like frat boys that way everywhere is a potential "party" locale and you can always measure the fun that was had by the size of the mess left in their wake. This is way our bathroom door is closed to Riley until bath time.

We decided she needed a potty chair in the living room to further potty training efforts. I took her to pick out her potty, all the while talking up what a big girl she was. I put 3 choices down on the floor for her inspection. She babbled for a moment and then sat on the one that looked like a frog. When I encouraged her to "try" the other ones she shook her head. She remained seated and smiling on the frog making peeing noises. When she did stand up she picked up the frog potty and started leading the way out of the store.

We put the potty in the living room and she sat on it a handful of times, but hasn't christened it yet. She did, however, take the bowl part out, put it on her head and march around making pee pee noises. At least the potty is fun and not scary. She inspires alot of confidence despite the fact that she hasn't gone on either potty yet.

The other day Daddy gave her oatmeal for breakfast sans bib. After her well earned bath Daddy took her into her room to get dressed. Later that day as we cruised the aisles at Target I noticed Riley's bare butt was visible over the waistband of her pants. This should not be possible. I assumed we had some diaper slippage, but when I felt the back of her pants there was nothing but baby butt.

Daddy have forgotten a diaper!! He just pulled her pants over her bare butt. So there we were in the toy aisle with a baby going commando. She had been diaperless for what I'm guessing was about 45min. Daddy of course thought this was hilarious and that we should let it ride and see how long she stayed dry. I'm not a big gambler so I plopped the baby down on my lap and wheeled off to the ladies room before he knew what was happening.

We're getting closer to potty training by inches. Her bladder muscles are mature enough to "hold it" and the other day she walked over to me grabbed her diaper and said "Ma, ma peeeeeezzzzz." Onward and toilet-ward we go!


  1. Diana: Naked babies are the cutest ever! R. thinks it's the world's funniest joke to run, run, run before her bath while we squeal, Naked baby, naked baby, naked baby!"

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