Monday, February 8, 2010

First Birthday Since Baby

I wanted to set a precedent this very first birthday since baby and commit to making it a day about me. In general it's become a challenge to still be me when it's overwhelmingly easy to be Riley's mom. I started out by getting my hair done a few days before my birthday while Riley had a bottle with daddy.

I was surprised the weekend before my birthday, while Isaac was with his mom, when Michael took Riley and I horseback riding through the woods. He even made a picnic that included home made canoli.

I had lunch with my best friend, hired a cleaning service. (I knew I'd never relax if the house was trashed and I didn't want to clean it on my birthday. Worth every penny.), went out for my free birthday steak without the baby and even had a drink and then had amazing chocolate cream pie with Bob and Susan.

Got thoughtful gifts from Michael's family and had a great belated birthday breakfast with all the girls.

Amazing birthday. More Katie and less Riley's Mom just what I needed. Thank You!!

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