Thursday, October 16, 2014

Eye Doctor Adventure

Ready to go

I made the appointment for a day when Riley was out of school. I told her it was a check up for her eyes. I explained that Mom and Dad had done research and were bringing her to a very good eye doctor. She was tentative, but excited. She wore her Minnie Mouse witch ears and was thrilled to see they had some pumpkin decorations. It turned out the receptionists son had attended Roo's school years before. Small world.

Mike and I had been wondering how technological advances may have changed eye exams. When we arrived they had Roo sit on stool and put an eye patch over one eye. I told them not to worry Roo was a great pirate and she knew all about wearing eye patch, Arrr! Then she had to look into a large metal box. She was instructed to look at the red balloon. When she climbed down she reported it getting blurry and clear again while it moved. Then we waited a bit before we were taken back for the exam.

Eye Exam

Riley climbed into the giant chair and I told her she was on a throne. He looked in her eyes with the otoscope and had her focus on different things. Playing Finding Nemp on the wall and looking at her eyes with different tools. They had an eye chart with symbols and boy howdy, did Miss Roo have trouble seeing that chart. It was clear that one eyes was significantly weaker and distance made a huge difference.

He tried different lenses into that cool teal apparatus (that matched her outfit) in the picture. After that came the least fun part, the eye drops. She confirmed that there would be a treasure box if she was good and then she begrudgingly received her eye drops. She didn't like it at all, but I thought she was a real trooper. If you take your kiddo for an eye exam bring their sun glasses in with you for the post eye drops wait.

She did need glasses after all. Not short term like I had them, but for the long haul. She'd also need to wear an eye patch three hours a day to strengthen her weak eye. Sigh...

Frames Profile

While her eyes dilated we looked at frames. They had a bunch of cute ones with different colors, flowers, jewels and fun stuff like that. Unfortunately, none of our favorites were the right size. Roo's biggest concern was that they be purple. As luck would have it they had a pair of purple frames in her size. They even had multicolored stripes on the sides. They wouldn't have been my first choice, but they were cute and we talked them up. Riley was happy and a little confused that we couldn't take them home right away.


The doctor took another look in her eyes. He explained the eye patch again assuring me that three hours a day was all that was needed. He said that I could buy the bandage kind (like I wore are a kid) at any drug store, but now there were cute felt ones that slip on over the glasses. God Bless Etsy. It was comforting to know for sure what the issues are, but it's a little sad. My poor pumpkin. On the bright side I'm glad we know early and she's going to be adorable in glasses. Roo picked out that silly green fish from the treasure box and we were on our way.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Pumpkin Picking! 2014


It's always an event to pick the family pumpkin. We'd done our prerequisite viewings of It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and decided on the subject for the big pumpkin. I was determined to get to the pumpkin patch on the first try, unlike last year. We decided to go on a weeknight after dinner. I gave the kids a pep talk about how the pumpkin patch is not a playground. I needed them to follow the rules this time. They were amazing! I was so proud. It's so nice not to be the mom with the wild, screaming, running kids getting dirty looks, phew. We got a big beautiful pumpkin and each kid picked a smaller one. Riley also found this small unusually shaped pumpkin that looks like a large acorn. She plans to paint it. Miss Roo conquered the tiny hay maze after a few tries this year! Both kids were rewarded with lollipops by the sweet people at the pumpkin patch.

Both Kids 1 Both Kids 2 Both Kids 3
Acorn Pumpkin Isaac Pumpkin
PSL Skeleton Pajamas

I was rewarded by myself with a pumpkin spice latte on the way home. Riley had a terrible time with the idea that we were not going to carve the pumpkins immediately. Good thing she had skeleton pajamas and Halloween books to comfort her. Here's a hint: the plan for our pumpkin was inspired by Riley's birthday trip. It's going to be amazing! I can't wait.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Decking the Hall-O-Ween

Spooky Wreath

Quoth the raven! I made this wreath two years ago, Here's how: Tutorial. It needed some minimal repairs after a year in the closet, but it's still going strong.

Jack Sign

I bought this on on Etsy, it stays up through Christmas. We love Jack!

Skeleton Pjs Hello Kitty Halloween

Halloween Riley style!

Pumpkin Donuts

Festive Treats!

Pumpkin Collar

Even the dog is ready for Halloween

Tink Pumpkin

My new decoration this year, Pumpkins and pixie dust!

Roo Winnifred Winnifred

She does a fair Winifred Sanderson impression, doesn't she? Boooooook!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Conversations With Cute: Endearing Epigrams

Princess Roo

During our Disney trip:
Me: Riley do you know the names of Ursula's pets?
Roo: Yeah! Flap Some and Get Some!!

(Flotsam and Jetsam are their names, as in what floats up from a shipwreck)

Roo: Mom, when I grow up I want to be a Disney bus driver!
Me: That sounds like fun, driving people to Disney all day!
Roo: Yeah, I'll be a ballerina, a paleontologist and a Disney bus driver!

Roo: (Washing her hands in the bathroom) doesn't come on by itself here...No Disney Magic, huh?
Me: Nope we left that at Disney
Roo: Next time let's catch some (Disney Magic)!

Roo: (Sigh) Mom?
Me: What, Riley?
Roo: I just want to know why my Ariel doesn't come alive and flop around here. (referring to their toys coming alive and moving by Disney magic (aka housekeeping) when we left the hotel)

Roo Flower

Me: What did you do at school today?
Roo: Made a letter S snake! With black pola dots.
Me: That sounds awesome
Roo: Yeah. Mom? What does awkward mean?
Me: Not quite right, doesn't fit in.
Roo: Mine is awesome, but my friends were...awkward, but I didn't tell them

Miss Roo recently regained possession of her Barbie Shoes.
Roo: I'll hang on to these shoes!
Me: Good idea, you don't want to loose them now that you have them back
Roo: Yeah! That would be unpleasant.

Me: I need you to clear your place, Riley
Roo: Ugh, stop criticizing!

Riley goes out to visit her dad while he's working in the yard. She runs back into the house and gets a quarter.
Roo:(gives the quarter to her dad) You're working hard, here's a tip

Half pjs half play clothes after nap.
Me: What's going on with your outfit?
Roo: The top half is adorable, the bottom is completely awkward

At her cousin's birthday Riley's aunt opens a new dress
Roo: That's exquisite!
(Various adult react, surprised)
(leaning in closer to her aunt) It's divine.

Playing Barbies in her room
Roo: Ok, concert time! (singing) Let it Go! Let it Go!
(A few minutes go by)
Roo: (singing) I got a bucket! Got a bucket full of sunshine! I got a bucket! Got a bucket! Bucket full of sunshine.

Jack Hug
(Last Year's Haunted Hike)

Me: You're going to be good this year, right? You had a fit in the car last year and we almost missed it.
Roo: Yeah (thinks), if you're not good at the Haunted Hike Jack will tell Santa!
Me: You're right they totally know each other.
Roo: Yeah, they totally know each other because Jack needed a hat.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My Gut is NOT Full of Crap


The abdominal pain epic has been going on for over two years at this point. It's a long story if your interested here are my old posts on the subject:

For those of you who don't want to reread I'll sum up the ordeal. A little over two years ago I started having horrible abdominal pain. It was an excruciating experience. I'd have these "attacks" in the middle of the night for hours for two or three consecutive nights every month or so. In the end I was told I had a hormone imbalance causing cysts which were bursting causing all the pain. The doctor told me hormone regulation on the pill was the only option. I was really upset because I wanted to know why this was happening and stop it. The last thing I wanted was to go on hormone regulation to possibly make the symptoms bearable. I knew it wasn't what I wanted, but I couldn't take it anymore. I begrudgingly went on the pill over the summer.

Around Christmas I decided managing the symptoms (if you could call it that) wasn't panning out. I was wacky from the pill and I was still having abdominal pain, it just wasn't as severe. After New Years I stopped taking the pill. Mike and I read anything we could find on the subject and decided it might be related to how well my liver processes hormones. I started taking Reishi, a mushroom you can take in capsule form to help liver function. I denied myself even an occasional ibuprofen (not easy). I charted my cycles to see when exactly the pain was happening on my timeline. It was rough at first because the pain came back immediately.

After a month or two went by I had a string of dental issues which caused me to give up caffeine. Around the same time I dramatically increased my water intake. I didn't completely cut out caffeine forever. I laid off entirely for a month and now have some occasionally, but no more coffee in the morning. These changes in hydration and caffeine intake happened late July. This month I realized it had been two months since I'd had any abdominal pain.

Mike it certain it just took that long for the pill to work its way out of my system. He's probably right, but I now the caffeine and water adjustments played a role for sure. I'm so glad I didn't stay on the pill. In the end I really believe it was as simple as a few adjustments in my diet and routine. You just have to go with your gut!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

What the Right Decision Looks Like

After three weeks of school I transferred Riley. The details aren't important because after three weeks at her new school it is clear I did the right thing. Thank God! My heart is overflowing with gratitude. Look at the evidence, I found my sweet happy girl again.

First Day Sign Nature Collage Circle Time H House A Alligator
Apple Tree Field Trip Diney Apple Stamping Music
RH Party Ballerina Shofar

There was a new first day sign for our fresh start. She's collected leaves for a nature collage, learned new songs, discussed science topics, practiced her handwriting, made friends, made art, taken a field trip, befriended the stuffed dinosaur in the front office (Diney), learned about a different culture, practiced her musical scales, been to a party and danced a lot! The bulletin board inside the door says "You are artists! You are bright! You are explorers! You are loved! You are the reason we are here." Isn't that great? I'm glad she's happy and learning again.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Conversations with Cute: Video Edition 2014

If you want to see previous cuteness click here: Three Year Old Video Interview and Last Year's Video.

What's your favorite color?
Red, Pink & Purple
Expanding her color horizons a bit

What's your favorite toy?
The penguin toy at my school.
What does it do?
It's a bobble head, You have to bobble it's head. It's a bobble head, when I pet one.

What's your favorite fruit?
My favorite fruit is...ah Dragon Fruit
He Dad brought one home the store the other day, the kids LOVED it.

What's your favorite tv show?
Everything is awesome.
Everything is awesome is not a tv show, Goose. It's from a movie. Is it Wild Kratts or Dora? Something with episodes.
Dora the Explorer.
(Daddy opens the door and Roo tells him he's going to be on the video)

What's your favorite food to eat for lunch?
I need to think a lot...steak (big smile)
It's news to me, We give it to her now and then, but she's never very excited about it.

What's your favorite clothes to wear?
I like to wear my Rapunzel dress. Yeah because I'm princess Rapunzel.

What's your favorite game to play? Is it the cupcake game?

What's your favorite snack?
Bread and cheese sticks

What's your favorite animal?
I like a sea otter

What's your favorite song?
Everything is Awesome!
(From the Lego Movie)

What's your favorite book?
Uh...bully goat
Llama Llama and the Bully Goat

Who's your favorite person to play with?

What's your favorite food to eat for dinner?
(I have no idea what she said at first)
Isn't it chicken nuggets?
Chicken nuggets and meat
(Odd that she tacked meat in general on there)

What's your favorite thing to do outside?
Push the big blue ball into the slide so I can push it out again. I can slide down and push it out again.

What's your favorite thing to drink?
(She had her first Sprite last Christmas and hasn't had one since. Must have made an impression.)

Where's your favorite place to go?

What do you like to do before bed?
Frangoline and the Midnight Dream I like to read that a lot!

What's your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?

What was your favorite thing you got for your birthday?
The Cupcake Game

What do you want to be when your all grown up?
A ballerina and a paleontologist. Paleontologists have to very serious.
Are you very serious?
Do ballerinas have to be serious?

Ok, look at Mommy, smile and say I'm 5!
I'm 5!